What is voiceLink Roam Sim?

voiceLink Roam Sim is an International Roaming Sim card that offers travellers significant savings on their calls, text and data usage while traveling, and works as if you are roaming on your own domestic mobile. With coverage in 190 plus countries voiceLink Roam Sim reduces the standard roaming costs by up to 85% and ensures that the overall communication needs of a traveller are taken care of, at all times, without the concern of sky-high mobile bills.

voiceLink Roam Sim is brought to you by Asia Telecom
Why voiceLink Roam Sim?
  •     Saves upto 85% on standard roaming costs
  • Free Incoming calls on voiceLink Roam Sim number-
    in over 135 countries
  •     Free incoming SMS worldwide.
  •     Affordable Data Roaming
  • A single sim works worldwide in more than 190 countries.
    No need to change or buy new sim cards every time you travel.
  • Receive your local mobile calls on voiceLink Roam Sim
    (for users based in selected regions)
  • Get your own local numbers at destination for upto 50 countries.
  •     User-friendly and Easy-to-use service
Who is voicelink Roam Sim for?

  •   International Travellers

  •   Business Travellers

  •   Enterprises
    looking to minimize high calling costs from employees traveling abroad.

For anyone who travels, voiceLink Roam Sim is an economical communication solution. Globalization is picking up pace and more and more people are travelling abroad. Commerce, tourism and weekend trips are all increasing in frequency. For most of these travelers, roaming charges are exorbitantly expensive. Not Anymore! With voiceLink Roam Sim travellers pay only fraction of their standard roaming costs.

How does it work?

You dial the destination number from the phone as normal. The system picks up the call, connects it to the number you dialled and calls you back. You answer and get connected to the destination number. It's seamless without much delay. The system ensures that the call travels exclusively through our partner networks, generating the up to 85% savings AND ensures stable quality of service.

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x Unblocked mobile phone

voiceLink Roam Sim works only in unlocked mobile phones. There are cases where mobile phones purchased with subscription packages are blocked by the mobile operator. In such case contact your operator and unblock the phone.

x Travelling to Japan or South Korea

For Japan and South Korea your mobile phone should be 3g compatible. For the rest of the world- if your phone works at home it will work abroad (it should be compatible with gsm 800/850/900/1800/1900).