Terms and Conditions for voiceLink Roam Sim Products & Services

It is hereby agreed between the "Customer" and Asia Telecom Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as "Asia Tel") as follows:

  1. Customer bound by Terms and Conditions
  2. 1.1 The purchase and/or use of voiceLink Roam Sim Products and/or voiceLink Roam Sim Services and subscription to the voiceLink Roam Sim Website are governed by these Terms and Conditions. By purchasing and/or using voiceLink Roam Sim Products or Services or subscribing to the voiceLink Roam Sim Website the Customer agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

    1.2 These Terms and Conditions may be amended as well as new Terms and Conditions may be added by Asia Tel at any time and where such amendments are made Asia Tel will provide the amended / new Terms and Conditions on the Website.

    1.3 If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the details of any request and/or order made by the Customer for the purchase of voiceLink Roam Sim Products then these Terms and Conditions will prevail to the extent of such inconsistency.

  3. Interpretation
  4. 2.1 In these Terms and Conditions:

    (a) 'Website' means

    (b) 'Products' means any and all voiceLink Roam Sim products purchased by the Customer through Asia Tel's various sales channels as well as from the voicelink Roam Sim Website or through a third party to whom Asia Tel has supplied the products for resale including but not limited to voiceLink Roam Sim cards and call credits;

    (c) 'Services' means any and all services provided to the Customer through the voiceLink Roam Sim Website or by Asia Tel in connection with the purchase by the Customer of a voiceLink Roam Sim Product;

    (d) 'Customer' means the purchaser and/or user of voiceLink Roam Sim Products and/or voiceLink Roam Sim Services and/or the voiceLink Roam Sim Website;

  5. Handset requirements
  6. 3.1 Before using voiceLink Roam Sim Product the Customer should ensure that the handset being used is unlocked and is network compatible for the countries in which the Customer wishes to use the voiceLink Roam Sim Product.

    3.2 Asia Tel will not provide a refund or replacement Product if any Product the Customer purchases from Asia Tel does not work because the handset is locked or incompatible.

  7. Network Availability
  8. 4.1 The Customer acknowledges that voiceLink Roam Sim cards are designed to enable the Customer's unlocked compatible handset to access various telecommunications networks around the world and that those telecommunications networks are provided by third parties not associated with Asia Tel.

    4.2 Whilst Asia Tel makes every effort to ensure consistent and ongoing availability of all the telecommunications networks that voiceLink Roam Sim cards are designed to connect with, Asia Tel does not guarantee that any telecommunications network will be available at any given time or for any given duration.

    4.3 No representations or guarantees are made in respect of availability, quality, operation or support for voice or data communication on third-party networks or with third-party lines.

  9. Prices
  10. 5.1 The Customer will be charged voiceLink Roam Sim standard rates for the Service/s. A full list of rates is published at the voiceLink Roam Sim Website.

    5.2 The rates and charges may change from time to time, entirely at Asia Tel's discretion. The rates and charges which are applicable at any given time will be displayed on the Website and it is the Customer's responsibility to check any rates which are relevant for the use of the Products or Services.

  11. Account Balance
  12. 6.1 It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the account balance is maintained at a level which enables the Customer to access the Services and features. Certain Services and/or features will not be available once the account balance reaches a certain level or ceases to have credit.

    6.2 The Customer may top-up the account balance by visiting the Website and purchasing desired credit.

    6.3 Except for offline account top-ups a record of all top-up purchases will be shown under the 'My Payment' section of the Customer's Website account.

    6.4 The account balance on the voiceLink Roam Sim cards shall expire / lapse if there is no usage in the cards for two years.

  13. Termination
  14. The Customer shall terminate this Agreement at any time with written notice to Asia Tel at

    Asia Tel may limit, suspend or terminate the Services and this Agreement if Asia Tel believes the Customer is in breach of the terms and conditions or engaging in illegal activities. Asia Tel shall provide notice to the Customer via the email address that the Customer has provided and/or by preventing the Customer from accessing the Account and the Service.

    If Asia Tel believes the information supplied by the Customer is unauthorized or contains false particulars, Asia Tel may delay, suspend or terminate the Service. Under these circumstances the Customer will have no claim against Asia Tel.

  15. Description of Services
  16. 8.1 Whilst care is taken to ensure that the descriptions of Services on the voiceLink Roam Sim Website are accurate, the Services may periodically be changed, upgraded and on occasion removed and Asia Tel cannot guarantee the accuracy of such descriptions.

    8.2 Asia Tel is not liable for any loss or harm which may arise directly or indirectly from any omissions, errors or changes relating to the description of any Services.

  17. Use of Information
  18. Asia Tel is hereby authorized in relation to any information it has relating to the Customer or the authorized user under the Customer's Account to use and/or disclose such information for the purpose of the Company performing its obligation or enforcing its rights under this Agreement or any other purpose reasonably incidental thereto or in contemplation thereof.

  19. Limitation of Liability
  20. Save and except for any liability of Asia Tel which cannot be excluded by law, Asia Tel shall not be liable for any cost, claim, expenses, damage or loss of whatsoever nature suffered, sustained or incurred by the Customer or any person arising from or out of or relating to the provision of the Services including without limitation

    • Any interruption or failure of the Services, or
    • Any failure, delay or mistake in establishing communication between the Customer or authorized users under the Account of the Customer and any other person, or,
    • Any failure or delay while the Customer or authorized users under the Agreement of the Customer is communicating any message in the use of the Services; or
    • Any failure or delay in activating or deactivating the services.

    Asia Tel shall under no circumstances be liable for any loss (whether direct or indirect) of revenue, loss of profits or any consequential loss whatsoever suffered, sustained or incurred by the Customer or by other person arising (directly or indirectly) from or out of or relating to the provision of the Services of this Agreement.

  21. Applicable Law
  22. The laws of the Hong Kong SAR shall govern this Agreement and any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Courts.

  23. Severability
  24. If any provision of this Agreement shall be construed to be illegal or invalid, they shall not affect the legality, validity and enforceability of the other provisions of this Agreement. The illegal or invalid provisions shall be deleted from this agreement and no longer incorporated herein but all other provisions of this Agreement shall continue.

    The Customer is deemed to have accepted the aforementioned terms and conditions upon registration of the Products & Services and agrees to be bound by them.

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x Unblocked mobile phone

voiceLink Roam Sim works only in unlocked mobile phones. There are cases where mobile phones purchased with subscription packages are blocked by the mobile operator. In such case contact your operator and unblock the phone.

x Travelling to Japan or South Korea

For Japan and South Korea your mobile phone should be 3g compatible. For the rest of the world- if your phone works at home it will work abroad (it should be compatible with gsm 800/850/900/1800/1900).